What I see is what you get, 2014 (Cincinnati), 2015

With the assistance of Adam Kiefer and Sean Andrist
Knit tubing and hardboard
Sight specific artwork with variable dimensions


What can happen when an observational experience translates directly into an art object?

This installation was generated using equipment that tracks a person’s gaze as they move through space. I wore glasses that recorded where I looked in this exact same space and for the amount of time that each point held my focused optical attention. These data points were then transferred into actual material—the size of the discs varies depending on the length of time spent looking at each given point and the direction of the cloth is allegiant to the sequence of my wandering eyes over a duration of time.

Many thanks to:

Adam Kiefer, Director of Research Education in the Division of Sports Medicine at the UC Department of Pediatrics, who assisted with operating the gaze tracking equipment.

Sean Andrist, graduate student in the Human Computer Interaction Department at UW-Madison, who processed the gaze data.

Paul Lorenz, graduate Student in Architecture at Yale University, who assisted with 3D modeling.